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Keep Your Granite and Natural Stone Clean and Maintained

Granite can be cleaned with a soft white cloth and a regular household cleaning product. All spills should be wiped up immediately and be blotted with a clean paper towel. A fine steel wool can be used to remove dried water spots, smudges, and hazy area.

Natural stones need to be cleaned with products that are specifically designed for natural stone cleaning. You can test a small amount of the product in an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not act poorly with the stone. Do not use vinegar solutions on any natural stones.
Natural Stone Clean

Protect Your Stone Surface With Proper Sealing

Sealing stone surfaces is an important step in ensuring it lasts long and can withstand constant use. Granite is typically sealed at the time of fabrication. Depending on the sealant used, it can last 15-25 years. Stones like marble, limestone, and travertine need to be sealed a few times within the first six months to a year of the installation.

Spaulding Stone will recommend the best sealer for the stone you choose and answer any questions that you have. If you're not sure if your stone needs sealing, simply pour a small amount of water in various spots and let sit for 30 minutes. If you notice the stone is darkened when you wipe it up, then the stone should be resealed.

Cleaning Habits to Avoid:

  • Don't use cleaners with a pH level less than 7
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, such as Comet and Soft Scrub
  • Don't leave spills sitting for a long period of time
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"Very detailed in their work! Flawless with any seams they had to make and the guys who installed where great!"

Sara Carlson
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